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Destiny 14.0 Now Active!

In keeping with other Follett products, Destiny now provides a consistent user interface. The functionality is unchanged, it just looks different! Unlike the previous version, the coloring is consistent from Library to Textbook views, so be sure to check what view you are in!

Follett Shelf, BryteWave K-12, and Universal Search is now Destiny Discover. You will find its link on the left sidebar of the Catalog module. As before, this link will show the Follett ebooks that belong to your school, as well as the OverDrive ebooks for the district. 

Follett considers Destiny Discover the primary interface for students to search for and access library resources and Destiny Classic the primary interface for librarians and library staff to access features like circulation, cataloging, reports, and setup.

Stay tuned for more upcoming improvements to Destiny!


Winter Break


Library Sesnowflakervices wishes you a wonderful Winter Break! We will be open throughout the break.


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